Couch to 10k

February has to be the worst month of the year.  The holidays are over, it is still cold and it is a month of generally nothing exciting, but March has brought a little bit of hope.  Although it is still below freezing in Toronto, I nonetheless find myself with a renewed will to leave the house. One of my … Continue reading Couch to 10k

Home Decor

Being a brand new homeowner, home decor shopping and planning has become my new favourite hobby. Of course, there is no better place to dream than on Pinterest so I thought I would share some of what is currently inspiring me: Featured image from Continue reading Home Decor

Chipotle Bowl

Personally, I am a fan of all foods even resembling Mexican cuisine and all things bean so when I found this recipe on Kelly’s blog it was a no-brainer adding it to my to-try list. Kelly served this with some pita and grilled chicken, but I chose to go a simpler route by scooping some in … Continue reading Chipotle Bowl

Tuna Melt

I love a good tuna sandwich, but am admittedly guilty of adding too much mayo.  When I found this recipe for a light Tuna Melt through Eating Well, I knew it was worth a try.  It is such a quick and filling lunch option, one serving was more than enough.  I made a whole can … Continue reading Tuna Melt