Pancake Tuesday!

Happy Pancake Tuesday, Mardi Gras and whatever else today is called!  As of today, my friend and I are officially becoming pescetarians for lent.  We are going on our reading week trip together, so we will be able to keep ourselves accountable. In honor of pancake tuesday I perfected my cottage cheese pancake recipe this … Continue reading Pancake Tuesday!

Steel Cut Oats

If you have ever looked for a cold-weather, healthy breakfast comfort-food look no further! Steel cut oats are are the perfect breakfast food.  Topped with your favourite fruit, brown sugar and milk it is like a hopped-up version of oatmeal.  Fortunately this oatmeal retains its cereal-like texture instead of becoming a big bowl of mush. … Continue reading Steel Cut Oats

California Sandwich

Today is one of my best friends’ birthday, I have a dinner with my family and class all later in the day.  I also need to squeeze in some sort of workout and a shower before dinner. I’m not sure how today, a wednesday of all day has become so busy.  I meant to wake … Continue reading California Sandwich

Morning Routine

I’m not sure why, but I always seem to be running to campus.  I had big plans to wake up this morning and do a good workout,  but I was up late last night unpacking so I may or may not have hit the snooze button =|…oops. I broke one New Year’s resolution already today … Continue reading Morning Routine